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For the Emotional & Sexual Intimacy You Want in Your Relationship
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Lori Hollander, LMSW, MBA
Licensed Couples & Sex Therapist  |  Center for Real Intimacy, PLLC
3365 Washtenaw, Ste 208, Ann Arbor, Michigan |
Expert in Resolving Intimacy, Sex and Relationship Problems

                                                                        |SKYPE sessions available |
Get the Intimacy You Want
I care about helping you get the kind of the intimacy you want in your relationship, to honor your true feelings and desires and deepen your relationship connection.

Sex problems are surprisingly common | Real Intimacy is the key...

When problems with intimacy or sex occur, common worries include:

  • something is wrong with you (or your partner)

  • your partner and you are a mismatch or sexually incompatible
  • you will need to settle if you are going to stay together

But it is not true!

To the contrary, intimacy problems occur for most couples at some point, but these problems do not  have to continue. You can get the intimacy you want in your relationship, and I want to help.


The truth about sexual intimacy

Although rarely discussed, good sexual chemistry for couples over the long term does not automatically occur like it does in the early phase of a relationship (and in the movies), even if both people still care about each other. Why? Because creating fulfilling intimacy that lasts over the long-term takes effective tools and a structure that works.


You can learn to get wonderful intimacy in your relationship, and as a licensed Sex Therapist and Couples Therapist, I want to help you get the kind of intimacy you want.


Your feelings and needs matter

To me, the real problem is how common it is that couples settle for less than the kind of intimacy they truly want, especially when their intimate life could be so much better! Your feelings and needs matter very much, and I can help you get the tools, knowledge, and structure you need so that you get the kind of intimacy you really want.


How likely is it that you will benefit from working with me?

Happily, more than 90% of the individuals and couples who see me for couples therapy or sex therapy resolved their intimacy problems. In fact, after therapy most say they feel more connected now than they did at ANY other prior point in their relationship.

      Can you envision getting the kind of
intimacy that leaves you   

      feeling deeply connected, loved, and fulfilled?


      You don't need to settle for less.

Finally, get the kind of Intimacy you want

I will help you take even the smallest steps right now to begin connecting more deeply with your spouse/partner so that you:


  • Honor your own needs and feelings

  • Feel more connected with your partner

  • Make your emotional and physical intimacy the best part of your relationship


Must your partner attend with you for therapy to work?

No, your partner does not need to attend for therapy to help.

Individual therapy provides much benefit. Many clients prefer to work individually to get clarity and relationship tools and, if they like, often choose to include their partner for couples therapy at a later point.


Many others find that couples therapy right from the start works best for them.


How do I start?

More detail on the "How do I get Started?" page

Take me to the "Make an appointment" page


Ann Arbor, Michigan offices

  • Primary office: Ann Arbor, Michigan (immediately off of Rt-23 & I-94)

  • Second office: Intersection of Saline, Yspilanti, and Ann Arbor, Michigan

           (located in Washtenaw County, Michigan)

  • SKYPE sessions for individual sex therapy or couples therapy
  • SKYPE sessions are a great option for those who want the same benefits of therapy without the commute

  • If you want to use SKYPE therapy, just include the the word "skype" in your message when you email me


30 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan:

     Novi, Plymouth, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Brighton, Jackson,   

     and Westland, Michigan


45 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan:

     Birmingham, Detroit, West Bloomfield, Howell, and Southfield, Michigan

     Toledo, Ohio


Within 1 hour of:

     Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Battle Creek, Flint, Lansing, and Troy, Michigan

     Windsor, Canada


Address of Ann Arbor, Michigan office:

       3365 Washtenaw Ave, Suite 208, Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI) 48104  


Therapy License

Licensed by the state of Michigan (MI): 6801087017 Michigan

     See full credentials for Couples Therapist/Sex Therapist, Lori Hollander, MSW in Michigan



                      The tools you need to get the intimacy you want

                                             Lori Hollander, MSW, MBA
Licensed Couples Therapist & Sex Therapist  |  The Center for Real Intimacy, PLLC
                                                 Ann Arbor, Michigan
Expertise in Resolving Intimacy, Sex, and Relationship problem
Individual & Couples Therapy in Michigan
                           3365 Washtenaw Ave, Suite 208, Ann Arbor, Michigan
                                   734.418.3363  |
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